Management philosophy

Quality policy

  • Under our basic philosophy of safety, security, reliability, and speed, our employees work together to create and offer optimum distribution services, and strive to contribute to society in compliance with environmental measures, laws, and social norms.
  • While exploring customer needs, we continuously generate proposals and improvements, and constantly strive to maintain and improve the relationship of trust with customers.

Principles of conduct


Creativity and challenge

Immediate action and completion

Environmental philosophy

Basic philosophy on environmental measures

Recognizing that environmental preservation is a key issue for corporate activities, we constantly pursue what we can do now to help solve worsening environmental problems such as air pollution and global warming, and promote measures to that end, with the spirit of using things with care.

Action policy regarding environmental measures

(1) We observe environmental laws and regulations, and strive to protect the environment.

(2) We continuously implement employee education and awareness-building activities regarding environmental protection.

(3) We promote 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle) activities.
We strive to reduce waste and save resources with the material we use in our business activities (such as packing material and office supplies).

(4) We aim to improve the consumption efficiency of electricity, fuel, and other energies, and strive to reduce environmental impacts.

(5) We strive to achieve green procurement (environmentally friendly goods and services).